I remember when I first came up with the JARDS concept and social enterprise, people would ask “How is your venture going to be sustainable?”, and I would always mainly only answer on how we are going to fund our activities.  For me then –  sustainability was all about how are we going to find money so that we are still ‘existing’ the following year.  But I  knew sustainability for JARDS was not just about money, its about making sure there is a steady supply of bamboo, rattan, I take care of my workers so they are happy and healthy, that their children are happy and healthy.  For you can not make that money without the aforementioned…

The recent devastating floods that have happened in Malawi, the word sustainability in regards to my business has reminded not only me, but all of us that its meaning is more broader than just ‘money’.  And has enforced why we all need to take care of the environment and all the natural resources around us.

Thousands have been displaced with the floods and it is going to take months if not years for them to get their lives back on track.

My grandmother and cousins live in Zomba where a big road connecting them with markets has washed away.

If we keep going on like this, one day we will wake up to no wildlife, no food, no roads, no houses, no lives…. Am I being extreme? Maybe… But the images below say a different story….

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If you are in Malawi, please SMS Ndife Amodzi to 140. This applies to both TNM and Airtel customers.  Drop off donations at Red Cross Malawi, Latitude 13 Hotel and the numerous other outlets that have donation boxes found all over at Churches and Schools and shops.

If you are in Lusaka, please drop off donations – old blankets, old bedsheets, etc to Latitude 15 Hotel.  Proflight have generously offered to fly in the donations.

For those of you reading far away, here are links that you can make donations to:

We only have one planet and it is precious, let us take care of it.

About jardsproducts

JARDS is a social business that makes eco-friendly bamboo products, beaded jewelry and wooden carvings based in Lilongwe, Malawi. It is owned by 30 year old Rosebill Satha.
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