Dreams continue to come true…

Once again, time has slipped by much more quickly than I expected and I have once again neglected to updating my followers on all that is happening with JARDS (shamefaced). But exciting things have been happening and our dreams continue to come true.  So will once again have to go back in time…


Since we aired on CNN African Start ups, we have been featured on other websites and blogs… I found my name being mentioned on the same page as George Clooney’s – mind turning stuff!  Below is a clip of the interview 😀


And here are a few more links of those who featured our story…





The Merchandising & Product Development Manager for Stand Seven read our story in a magazine in Switzerland (how surreal right!) I didn’t even know our story had gone so far!  They will be featuring JARDS Products on their website… It took a while to figure out logistics as we are a landlocked country and shipping is EXPENSIVE! But where there is a will there is a way right….



Bamboo Solutions from South Africa, showed interest in contracting JARDS to offer training in Kwa Zulu Natal where there is a lot of bamboo and a lot of youth in the peri-urban areas with no education or no skills.  Unfortunately our schedules did not align and we will look at this again early next year, but I am happy to see the JARDS model is not only unique to Malawi but can be adopted in other countries too.



We have our Mother’s Day on 15th October, and I remember getting a call on 6th October from Airtel which is the biggest Telecommunications company in Malawi wanting to order 200 gift baskets and they needed them in 4 days – and I said sure not a problem…. Then I panicked…. 200 – in FOUR DAYS?!!  But the team came together and in 4 days we were done, they brought champagne & chocolates to fill in and package the baskets as well – but we delivered – 200 beautiful baskets – they assured us we shall get another call for Christmas Hampers.

airtel 3airtel 2 airtel1


We’ve been busy coming up with new basket designs and colors.  A Romanian friend of mine Ana-Maria inspired me to come up with the below candle holders – I call them the Romal Candle Holders


It is amazing how inspiration for designs come from all over…


In my last blog update, I mentioned Dianne Dimick Berning from Boise, Idaho who came out last year with her husband Ron who was my Host Mentor while I was in the US in 2012.  Dianne pledged to support the Matawale F.P. School every year on a project that I recommend to her.  This year our project was building a block of toilets for girls.  A lot of girls drop out of school or miss a lot of classes due to sanitary issues.  Although we would have loved to do more, this is a start – and the reason why I write about it is maybe our work can inspire others in the plight of encouraging girls to stay in school.  The block of toilets will be handed over on 26 December 2014 and I promise lots of pictures will be posted 😀

About jardsproducts

JARDS is a social business that makes eco-friendly bamboo products, beaded jewelry and wooden carvings based in Lilongwe, Malawi. It is owned by 30 year old Rosebill Satha.
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