From Malawi to Boise – My interview with the Idaho Statesman!

Its amazing how once the ball is set rolling things start falling in to place…

The 2nd week of my fellowship here in Boise, Gina Bessire who runs the Green Business program for META and who I share an office space with, told me about this wonderful shop called Dunia Marketplace ( and thought with the products I make, would be the perfect place to go to and see if anything can come out of a meeting.

So Gina and I went over to Dunia – no meeting or appointment we just wanted to see the shop and its products.  But I guess it was my lucky day. Behind the counter was not a volunteer that day but Becky West, the Manager of Dunia.  Gina introduced me and I took it from there telling her my story and how I had come about to be in Boise, Idaho.

She was so interested in seeing my products and I showed her my products on my Facebook Page, she inquired if I had brought some samples of my products and when I said I had she immediately asked me to be part of her showcase for the Hyde Park Fair which was coming up on the 15th September and of course I said Yes!!!

Becky didn’t leave it there, she called her friend Katherine Jones a photojournalist for the Idaho Statesman and told her she needed to write my story.  Ms Jones did call me and we agreed to meet and I rambled on for 2 hours and sometimes you just need to hear someone tell your story or read what someone has written about you so you can really see what a difference you are making and inspires you to continue.  I have inserted below the link to the story that has come out in todays issue of the Idaho Statesman, please read it.  And if you live in Boise, please help me change my community by visiting the Dunia Marketplace who have some my products for sale.

Rosebill setting up JARDS Products at Dunia during the Hyde Park Fair


About jardsproducts

JARDS is a social business that makes eco-friendly bamboo products, beaded jewelry and wooden carvings based in Lilongwe, Malawi. It is owned by 30 year old Rosebill Satha.
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